Our franconian restaurant

Our hotel and restaurant “Gasthof Zum Storch” is well known for its good quality of meals and drinks, descent prices and reliability and kindness of the service staff, also outside of Franconia.

Franconian cuisine
In our à la carte restaurant with about 60 seats we serve different Franconian meals – such as traditional roast pork with potato dumplings or honey glazed roast duck with chocolate red cabbage, a modern interpretation of Franconian cooking.

Our guests receive local specialties such as „Aischgründer“ carp or Steigerwälder aspargus in different variations depending of the season. Our restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere for your Sunday trip, your family celebration, holiday stay or just a cozy meal.

The hostess’ attachment to Switzerland is reflected by the so called “Basler Stube” with its plain elegance. This room equipped with 26 seats is perfectly adapted for little celebrations, business meals or meetings. There is a big dining room with modern equipment and excellent comfort (up to 140 seats) which can also be booked for workshops or celebrations of any kind.

Culinary events

Our restaurant offers the whole year – additional to our menu – unique “culinary“ events with seasonal food.


April – June 
Franconian asparagus

  • Asparagus with juicy ham with hollandaise sauce and new potatoes
  • „Crossover asparagus“ – asparagus baked in tempura with king prawns and chicken breast with a fiery hollandaise sauce

Matie time

Enjoy our Matie variations – three kinds of herring fillets with different sauces and risole potatoes.


July / August
Fresh chanterelles

Try the different variations of chanterelles and enjoy our delicious „Chanterelle pan“ – pork fillet with chanterelles in cream sauce, vegetables and homemade egg spaetzle.

July / August
Steaks & Burger

Whether you like rip-eye-steak, beef tender loin, or rump steak, you have free choice by its weight and the side dishes, vegetables, salads or sauces you would like to have. Enjoy the variety of our burgers in the summer months.

September / October
Wild time

  • hunters plate – a bit of everything
    (for 2 persons)
  • Pink roasted saddle of venison on port wine sauce with herb mushrooms
  • Venison ragout with spaetzle and cranberry pear

Franconian specialties

Enjoy the typical Franconian „Schäufele“, an oven-cooked shoulder of pork with Sauerkraut and potato dumplings as well as our traditional roast pork in black beer sauce or tender prime boiled beef in horse radish sauce.

October – April
Carp & Trout

„Blue“ carp with hot melted butter, horseradish cream and boiled potatoes or baked with potato salad. We also prepare the carp as a fillet – a real treat! 

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