Activities and nearby cities


Relax in a unique environment. A low mountain landscape shapes the sight. The range of hills towers up to 500 meters in the Steigerwald.

After a long walk, just try the Franconian wine which gains its taste by the fruity grapes growing at the sunny hillsides. In the Steigerwald, nature and culture are very close connected.

Here in the Steigerwald, where Upper-, Middle- and Lower Franconia come together, where the historic cities Bamberg, Nürnberg, Würzburg and Rothenburg o. Tauber highlight key points of a historical expedition, you are far from fuss mass tourism and yet in the thick of it.



The “3 Franken-Eck” is the place where Upper-, Middle- and Lower Franconia come together. You can definitely assert that this point is the heart of Franconia.

So much Franconia within so manageable distances you will find nowhere else! Franconia of wine meets Franconia of beer, Franconia of forests and mountains meets Franconia of rivers and floodplains, baroque Franconian love of life meets Franconian inwardness.

Diversity instead of simplicity – this could be the slogan of this magnificent region!

As different as the landscape are also the three communities (Burghaslach,
Geiselwind, Schluesselfeld), the inhabitants and their way of life which characterise this

Clearly, Franconia is a good place to live and to spend your holidays.


Nearby Cities

Cities like the medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the world cultural heritage Bamberg, the bishop city Würzburg, the festival city Bayreuth, the beer-metropolis Kulmbach, the Christkindledmarkt and the Nuremberg Fair are easy to reach.


The world cultural heritage Bamberg is a city with original character in an unique atmosphere. Here you can experience 1000 years of history united in an architectural historic and townplanning artistic synthesis.


Apart from the castle which sits enthroned over the city, Nuremberg (Nürnberg) offers its visitors many museums such as the
Germanic national museum.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The city Rothenburg is world-famous for its historic structure and the many art treasures.



Nested in Spessart, Rhön and the Steigerwald, the baroque bishop-city Würzburg offers many places of interest to you.



Bayreuth, also called city of Wagner, has a rich historico-cultural heritage and many sights reward every visitor. As an extraordinary highlight the world-famous Wagner Festival takes place every year.




Kulmbach is also called “the secret beer capital“ and it`s a town with history and culture where based on traditions, the pleasures of eating and drinking are still upheld. In addition to this, you can find in Kulmbach lots of historic sights.




Schluesselfeld has about 6000 inhabitants in 22 districts and belongs to the government of Upper Franconia. Already in 1336, Schluesselfeld has gained its cityrights.

With good reason, the city is called “the key to the Steigerwald“. Here in Schluesselfeld, the nature park Steigerwald shows its large versatility – in present and past, in nature and culture.


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